Thursday, April 19, 2012

We can't win a general election by moving to the right?

The UK has always had a centre right majority.

Margaret Thatcher won 3 successive elections being unashamedly right wing.  John Major won in 1992 with over 14 million votes, more votes than any prime minister before or since.

Then Blair shifted the veneer and image of labour far over to the right, because the UK has a right wing majority.  Labour won in those years, from having an image of being of the right pushed by the entire media which was consistently pushing the lies of Blair as being gospel truth. Blair was projected as a "compassionate conservative"  by the left wing media, but this was only true in image alone.

Even then, the conservative party won a bigger share of the vote in EVERY National election in the UK from after the 2001 general election onwards except for one national election in 2005 when the result was so close (only 2.8% points) that it should have been a hung Parliament.  (tories had a winning margin of more than 7% points  in 2010 and still failed to get a majority) Labour were rescued by a massive pro-labour bias in the constituency boundaries, which gifted labour over 60 seats for an equal number of votes as the tories. Put it this way, in 1997 when the tories were wiped out, and ever since considered a hated and unelectable party on the verge of extinction,  John Major won 9,600,943 votes.  In 2005 when Blair won a 66 seat Majority, he won only 9,552,436, 48507 fewer votes than the destroyed Major government of 1997 and well over a million votes fewer than Cameron won in 2010.

Who would you say was the more popular leader? Blair in 2005 or Major in 1997?  In truth, John Major was.  That is how massive the pro-labour bias in the seating boundaries is. Because of that constituency boundary bias, (where a tiny inner city area can hold two labour seats and a large suburban area is one conservative seat), the left wing media could ignore the real numbers of right wing voters in this country, and ignore the conservative party winning every national election from after the 2001 general election  (council and European elections) to 2010 (bar the 2005 general election)  and falsely claim that there was a progressive majority who feel that the conservative party was the nasty party.

Once the British public finally and clearly saw through the Blair lies, they were desperate for another clearly and unashamedly right wing government as shown by Cameron having a consistent lead across opinion polls of in excess of more than 20% during 2009, back when Cameron was pretending to be unashamedly right wing and Eurosceptic.

Then something terrible happened.  He unexpectedly lurched over to the left, he created the socialist sounding "big society" manifesto and abandoned conservatism and Euroscepticism and showed his liberal true colours. (Liberal, NOT libertarian). 

After this lurch to the left, his support collapsed into a single figure lead and he ended up relying on Clegg to become PM. 

Many conservatives gave him the benefit of the doubt and hoped his lefty liberalism was faked so he could steal votes from disillusioned labour and Liberal democrat voters, who hoped the opposite, that his liberalism was real.  Even when he did win over some of the left, he failed to win that large majority the polls had been predicting in 2009, (in spite of a monstrous pro-labour bias in seat boundaries)  because he had lost even more votes from the masses of hard working people on the right who have been shafted by labour for over a decade.

In the AV referendum, there was a clear split between the self described "progressive" left and the right wing in this country and the left were absolutely slaughtered.  Out of 450 regions, only 10 returned a majority for the "progressive" policy. This was not a sign of a progressive majority, but of a tiny, almost insignificant minority which has been massively inflated importance by an out-of-touch mainstream media conditioning the public 24/7 to believe a wholly untrue lie. A lie supported by a massive bias in the seat-boundaries and that massive media manipulation and misrepresentation which kept labour in power far longer than it should.

Now the right wing are abandoning our fear of a labour victory, because we see with ever more clarity, that with the conservative leadership courting the same liberal left votes as the labour party, and the hated tiny fringe liberal democrat party, that it makes absolutely no difference which of those three wins. the outcome is something that the majority of people in this country hate.

And if it takes UKIP killing any hope of the tories winning a general election to wake people up to that blatant fact, then so be it.

We will never get the government that MOST people want, until they are woken from the 24/7 conditioning by the metropolitan elite's liberal left wing propaganda and turn out to vote for it, instead of the liberal-left wing agenda that the entire liberal left establishment (comprising three parliamentary political parties, Most all of the mainstream print and TV media, academia, think-tanks, political charities and activist protest groups) are implementing.

Never before have so much of the establishment been so-out of touch with the people of this country.

The left wing media has been selling a lie for almost 20 years now, that you cannot win an election from the right.  The above figures show that to be a lie.  Many on the right have been put off from voting because of that lie.

This is changing.  We need a fully fledged right wing government again to save us from the economic and social insanity of the current establishment.

I believe that UKIP is that government in waiting.

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