Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Another Disclosure Project Press Conference.

In May 2003, the disclosure project held a press conference in the ballroom of the Washington Press Club. It was huge, with high level officials from the Government, military and aviation giving their own smoking gun accounts of unidentified flying objects that could not be explained by conventional, rational explanations. They had physical evidence in the form of radar tapes and corroborative accounts across different military lines. EG an officer in a nuclear missile silo witnessing aerial phenomena and his missiles going involuntarily off line, and a commander of another missile silo receiving automatic electronic notification of one of the silo's in his grid going offline. There was a lot of high level evidence presented to a large collection of the world's mainstream media. Solid evidence from reputable, sane, very credible witnesses, but hardly made a ripple in the mainstream media and what was reported their was reported as to ridicule these highly credible witnesses.

We have just had another such press conference with the following quote:
"During the Q & A session, several journalists asked a version of the question, why is there a UFO coverup, or what do the militaries or aviation associations of various governments around the world, represented in the room and otherwise, fear concerning the public being told there have been unexplained vehicles flying over the airspace of many countries? Whether from France, England, or Peru, the response was the same- few high ranking government officials are willing to publicly admit there are civilizations, and thus craft, over whom we are powerless. Officials specualted about the fear such powerlessness would engender, and said, “The (U.S.) government doesn’t want to scare people…”. One reporter disagreed, citing color alerts and terror warnings, stating, “…They want to scare us about everything else…”
I found this quote very revealing, as to why the Government would play down something that could potentially be really terrifying, but play up the fear of terrorism, global warming, etc etc.? I think it is because the Government and media puppets of the NWO elite that run things have control over the terrorism threat as THEY manufacture and control it. They have control over what they report about Global Warming, as they control that disinfo psyop too. They have NO CONTROL over the Alien presence that observes us at will.

This is VERY important, as if the mainstream media start covering an ALIEN THREAT to Earth, then you will know that it is a FAKE threat. It would be operation bluebeam.

This latest news conference has also been largely ignored by the mainstream media, so we may be safe for a while yet.

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