Monday, November 12, 2007

We have the most draconian detention laws of any democracy - NOT!

Many newspapers are reporting that the UK has the most draconian detention without trial laws of any democracy. This being but one example. Unfortunately it is not accurate as the people who have yet to be charged with any crime in Guantanamo would surely agree. OK so to be detained for more than two days in the good ol' land of the free, there needs to be a criminal charge, OR the slightest suspicion of some kind of tenuous link to terrorism, then they can put a bag over the 'suspects' head, tie his arms and legs, throw him on a plane, fly him to a foreign destination, torture (sorry, subject him to 'enhanced interrogation') indefinitely and never charge the victim (sorry suspect) with anything.

SO the UK is only second in that league. Note, however, that we are constantly told how a certain middle eastern country can get away with certain detestable practices, because it is the only democracy in the middle east? (even though it plainly isn't) EG, it is allowed to have an army because it is representative of a democratic government, and Hamas is not allowed to have an army because they do not respect democracy? Well THAT democracy of Israel is not even listed, so the UK probably drops to third? What about the shiny new democracy of Iraq? they detain people far longer than 28 days, so The UK is now out of the medal positions.

Although it is wrong to detain ANYONE for 28 days without trial, the UK is not the worst offender, by a long stretch and for the liberal press to forget that in some narrow myopic campaign, is plain wrong.

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