Monday, November 12, 2007

Oh the poor polar bears!!!

Why do these quasi religious, neo-fascist man-made-global-warming freaks keep on increasing their own carbon footprints in order to peddle such blatant and proven false and utterly and completely debunked lies? Take the so-called plight of the polar bears as highlighted by a third rate comedian who appears to be desperate to increase his exposure in the comedy rag known as the Sun. This article is typical of so many utterly false sob stories in the media of late. These emotional heart string-pulling pieces are deliberately crafted to appeal to the emotions and NOT the reason part of the brain and so the underlying and sinister message is taken in as a given.

The FACTS of the matter are that evidence from organisations such as the US National Biological Service that in most places polar bear populations are either stable or increasing. In the 1950's the Global Polar Bear population was in the region of 5000 animals. Today, it is around 25,000 or so, give or take a melting ice-berg or two. Now it is pretty clear that 25,000 bears will eat a lot more, no, a hell of a lot more food than would be eaten by a mere 5000. So inevitably many will have to roam far and wide to seek this food. THIS IS NORMAL. Polar bears naturally roam thousands of miles. This is one of the main reasons that keeping these imperious creatures in the confines of a zoo is so massively cruel. I have seen these magnificent beasts up close at San Diego zoo and they were behaving in a way that demonstrated all the classic, repetitive behavior of an animal that had gone clean out of it's mind with boredom. These animals can also swim very well indeed and for hundreds of miles if needs be. So they are not running out of food due to global warming, neither are they encroaching into man's territory due to global warming.

What is happening is that their population explosion is meeting our population explosion.

But never let facts get in the way of the neo-religious AGW cult when fat research grants, emotive headlines and publicity is on the line. Their OWN carbon footprint and the facts be damned.

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