Tuesday, November 13, 2007

How many more torpedos can this dedebunked theory take before it finally dies?


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Part 3

Part 4

This blows apart the foundations upon which the great global warming scandal is based. There is a lot of excellent science that is unfortunately founded on badly incorrect and unsound empirical data. If the raw data is incorrect, the conclusions drawn from the raw data is unreliable.

There are errors in the accepted science, and good contradictory evidence that is ignored.

The IPCC is a pure political office with an agenda and a huge budget and prestige. They will never let the truth get in the way of their budget or global population control and 3rd world slavery agenda!

We should be cleaning up the pollution and stop the deforestation and get ready for catastrophic global cooling. A warm climate provides FAR more bio-diversity than an ice-based climate. I dearly wish that we were heading for an even warmer climate. My heating bills are astronomical from Autumn to Spring. I only have the heating off for most of the summer. Bio diversity would increase and there would be millions of hectares of arable farming land opened up for crops in Greenland and Siberia if long-term human induced global warming was real. Unfortunately, the earth will get a LOT colder. That IS the natural state of climate over the last few MILLION years.

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