Saturday, June 23, 2007

Another letter to the BBC.

Here is another letter I have submitted to the BBC that I expect will not be published. I am disgusted at the blatant way in which the BBC and other media have been trying to show Brown in a new light. As if they are trying to trick us into forgetting the last 10 years.

Actually the Daily Mail are even worse. They berate Blair and almost everything he has presided over, including the stealth taxes and all the policies pushed forward and funded by Brown, they are delighted to see the Back of Blair, yet they too are trying to push this new broom bullshit.

The whole, Brown has changed and is going to be a good Prime Minister who will listen and stop the spin and yadda yadda yadda Bullshit is completely, laughably and totally unbelieveable.

If ever there was a more blatant display of the media exposing themselves as the whores of the hidden rulers behind the new world order, then I have yet to see it.

here's my letter:

I understand that Blair has ruined the elitist agenda that the people who selected him put him in power to implement. He has lost the support of the nation, so that agenda is in peril, so Brown has to put up a different 'front' to get that agenda back on track. I also understand that as the mouthpiece for the 'establishment' the BBC has to help promote that agenda by helping promote a more acceptable image of Brown, but it really will not wash.

So long as a political leader pushes an agenda of an expanding EU, more globalisation, and every stepping stone to a "new world order" or "unipolar world order", then they get a favourable press. When they turn against that agenda, (like Thatcher did late in her premiership), or if they become a liability through their own ineptitude (like Blair) then they lose the support of the media and are replaced.

Name one British political leader, in the last 40 years, who was more Eurosceptic OR had a greater desire to move away from a unipolar world order, than the discredited leader they replaced? Why is the more expansionist leader popular? They are given the more favourable press, every time.

This is the same duplicitous Brown we have come to know and dislike for 10 years. The only change, perhaps, is that he has become more blatant in his lies as he knows he will not be called out on any of them by a supine media that's pushing the same NWO agenda.

That is why the media is despearately trying to push a false idea that he genuinely has changed, no really, this time he really really has, honest. Would we lie to you? OK forget the WMD in Iraq thing, this time we mean it.

The media's desparation is palpable.

Like a freshly beaten wife on the morning after listening to an abusive alcoholic husband declaring this time he really has changed, I do not believe a word of it.

And shame on the BBC for pushing this rubbish.

Instead of pandering to his blatant lies about being closer to the people, giving Parliament a greater say, listening more and being more open etc etc, perhaps you might try, for once, to hold him to account for his words and his actions being 180 degrees different. The restrictions on the freedom of information act, the referendum on the just signed EU treaty would be 2 very good places to be holding his feet to the fire over for a start.

I won't hold my breath however.

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