Friday, June 08, 2007

My take on the BB8 racism row (UK)

I am at a loss to understand why Big Brother allowed a contestant to shamelessly utter a disgusting racist word without any sanction whatsoever.

I refer to Charley calling herself a "nigger".

Emily was (rightly and appropriately) cast out of the house for her use of that word. Charley also used that word (more often than Emily did) and was not reprimanded at all. It seems that the ONLY reason for this is that Charley has a different colour of skin from Emily. In this case the rules are being interpreted and applied in a racially discriminatory fashion. This is appalling behaviour and is totally unacceptable to me.

This word, according to Channel four's own definition, was so foul that no housemate should utter it under any circumstances or in any context whatsoever.

According to channel four's big brother website:

"In the wake of Celebrity Big Brother we must consider the potential offence to viewers regardless of Emily's intentions and her housemates' response. The word nigger is clearly racially offensive and there was no justification for its use."


"Unacceptable behaviour includes: behaving in a way that could cause serious offence to either their fellow housemates or members of the viewing public including serious offence based on the grounds of race. Housemates who act in a way that is seriously unacceptable will be evicted."

Charley breached this very serious rule.

Here is an excerpt from the transcript:

"Emily: (referring to Charley dancing/ pushing her hips forward) You pushing it out you nigger.
Nicky: (shocked laughter) Em, I can't believe you said that.
Charley: You are in trouble.
Emily: Don't make a big thing out of it then. I was joking.
Charley: I know you were... but that's some serious shit, sorry.
Emily: Why?
Charley: Oh my god. I'm not even saying it.
Nicky: Just don't talk about it anymore.
Emily: I was joking.
Charley: Do you know how many viewers would watch that?
Nicky: Okay, don't make a big deal out of it.
Charley: Fancy you saying that. I can't believe you said that.
Emily: Somebody has already used that word in this house.
Charley: No way. (Pause) Yeah, me. I'm a niggerr.
Charley: I am one. Fancy you saying it. I know maybe you see it in a rap song. Maybe you and your friends sit there saying it."

I cannot understand why Charley is still in the Big Brother house and has NOT faced ANY sanction whatsoever.

Rules are rules. Either it is acceptable to use this word in a non-malicious fashion, (as BOTH girls did, and as accepted by channel four and the producers of this program), or it is not acceptable.

The serious sanction, and subsequent adverse media attention, that Emily suffered was not equally given to Charley. They both committed exactly the same offensive behaviour. The ONLY difference is the colour of their skin. If one human punishes, or prohibits the actions of another human based SOLELY on the colour of their skin, then that IS racially motivited discrimination.

I am also appalled that the media is editing and cutting their coverage of this programme to deliberately exclude Charley's use of this word.

Everyone I know who has fought racism, as I have, for many many years and who saw the episode last night are equally appalled.

It is this kind of blatant racial discrimination that feeds the evil popularity of the BNP. This could set back race relations for decades.

The Big Brother executives and the Channel four executives (and much of the mainstream media on screen and in print) are using edited and dishonest footage in such a way as to play the race card for all they are worth and are doing so in a blatantly racially discriminatory manner.

I am appalled.

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