Sunday, June 10, 2007

WOOHOO!!! Outstanding drive from Hamilton

Anthony Hamilton has just won the incident packed Canadian Grand Prix. He was the class of the field and, in only 6 races, has raised the bar for the other formula one drivers. As a rookie, he has finished on the podium on every race in his career. He is showing himself to be an outstanding driver, possibly even better than Michael Schumacher himself.

Well Done Anthony Hamilton.


Mark said...

His name is Lewis. Anthony is the name of his father.

Ken said...

Thank you for correcting me.

My bad, I was so exited that he had just won an incident packed race, and in the excitement, as the commentators were interviewing Lewis's dad, I sub consciously mixed the two as I was typing.

Thanks for spotting that.

And another way to look at this, at least my blog is actually being read by people :D

You got me fair and square.