Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It is unrealistic to elect Ron Paul.

This is one response to the video linked to the title of this post, that it is unrealistic to support Ron Paul and hope he wins the Presidency.

That said, I believe that we can achieve the election of Ron Paul. We need belief and energy. Belief is the engine that helps tranform energy into matter. We can create this future of our dreams. We need belief and action.

Educate everyone. Spread the Ron Paul message. Get everyone to contribute and volunteer as much as they are able and even more.

A truly worthwhile revolution requires revolutionary and unrealistic levels of energy. Demand that people are unreasonable in their efforts.

Meanwhile we should all be unreasonable.

Is it reasonable to accept global perpetual war?

Is it reasonable to force fake democracies onto other nations at gunpoint?

Is it reasonable to accept the federal reserve creating money out of thin air and then charging interest upon it? (The interest that is charged is never loaned into circulation, so can NEVER be repaid. So the national debt gets bigger and bigger by design, that is why taxes always go up!)

Is it reasonable to pay unconstitutional taxes on your labour that is exchanged for cash? (income tax)

Is it reasonable to accept being subservient to the Government by the issuance of ID cards in a FREE COUNTRY?

Is it reasonable to give up your freedom and liberty to gain the false pretence of security?

Is it reasonable to live under a self declared dictatorship and the tyranny that is generated therfrom?

It is time to be unreasonable and unrealistic and to take unreasonable action to achieve the unrealistic aims of PEACEFULLY retaking the Constitutional republic of the United States and reinstating it as a beacon of freedom and liberty for the world to see and emulate.

It will take an unreasonable amount of effort to achieve the unrealistic goal of a Ron Paul Presidency, but is it worth it? I say it is. We shall unreasonably promote Ron Paul's message endlessly, to be heard everywere, and I say we do it and keep doing it and never tire of doing it until we succeed.

The whole world cannot afford for us to fail and that is the most unreasonable thing of all.

Ken Hall.


Anonymous said...

I applaud your commentary, it is right-on.

The people who say it is "unrealistic" are simply apologists for the oppression we live under.

I mean, it took Moses to lead the Jews out of captivity, didn't it? Of course, they had to WANT to go . . .

Ken said...

You make a very valid point, Moses' people in Egypt knew full well that they lived under an overt tyranny. Many Americans do not realise how perilously close they are to outright, overt fascist dicatatorship. It is Similar to Germany circa 1934-1938.