Saturday, June 30, 2007

Is that it? I am not giving up my liberties for these pillocks.

So, all the liberty removing laws. The constant hysteria in the media for years, the total consumation of fear that drives political media in this nation, warning of deadly attacks, attacks so severe that laws MUST be implemented that remove our freedom and liberty for our own good. A threat far far worse than anything Hitler, or the IRA could subject us to, A threat unlike anything we have ever seen before.

Well they are half right. This is a threat unlike anything we have faced before as this is a threat that is far, far more pathetic than anything we have ever faced before.

The attack at Glasgow airport is the first that has happened that has no Government link or clear attribution to the security services.

If this is all these so called terrorists can achieve over here then they can fuck off. There are home grown hooligan kids on council estates far far worse and more dangerous than these fuckwits.

I am not giving up my liberties for these pillocks.

I have just heard the police mention 911 and all the other so called "low tech" terrorist attacks to imprint fear. These attacks are so pathetically, rediculously inept that they could not scare a small child, so the specter of 911 must be mentioned to link the two. When the attacks are so lame, that they have to mention other intelligence sponsored attacks in order to subliminally increase the impact of these useless and woefully inept attacks, you know they are in trouble.

"Oh look, we are being attacked! You are in DANGER!" But this is pathetic, I will not fear this! "Oh but 911 was committed with box cutters and this could have been just as bad"


So anyone buying gas cannisters for their home barbequeues or their patio heaters will now be a target for the police.

This is all a sick joke.

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