Monday, April 07, 2008

BBC caught outright lying and censoring truth AGAIN!

So the BBC changed it's misleading article linked in my previous post. the suggestion that the CURRENT La Nina has caused the last decade's cooling clearly will not wash, and so, after pressure from the cultists, they caved in and removed any reference to the last 10 years worth of cooling.

(The same 10 years of cooling that NO SINGLE COMPUTER MODEL MANAGED TO PREDICT!)

Rather than debate science, evidence, or truth, these alarmist cultists are trying to censor the truth and stifle debate and opinion.

They are Just like the King Canutes and the flat earthers rolled into one.

They have lost the argument and should just fuck off and die and let the rest of us get on with our lives in peace. They think humans are acting like a virus and are killing the planet??? Fine, do something about it and KILL YOURSELVES you worthless, lying, fanatical fuckwits!

I am becoming more and more convinced that AGW is a major scam and is completely Bullshit. the AGW alarmist cultist's own behaviour is the major driver in this opinion shift. IF they had any decent, un-discredited evidence left, I would listen. But they don't. so they should just fuck off!

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