Thursday, April 17, 2008

Guest Opinion: Dissenters on global warming face attacks - Wayne Holbrook

Apparently the global warming zealots have decided that if they can’t destroy the facts, they will destroy anyone who questions them.

Dr. S. Fred Singer is an accomplished scientist whose outspoken questioning of global warming earned him one of the most outrageous media smear pieces ever aired. Dr. Singer’s accomplishments are too lengthy to list, but they include the invention of the instrument to measure stratospheric ozone.

Among his many prominent positions, he was the first director of the National Weather Satellite Center and held key administrative posts in the EPA, DOT and Department of the Interior.


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IF President Bush had unveiled his goals for reductions in greenhouse gas emissions at the beginning of his administration instead of in its waning months, he might have actually played a role in linking the United States to global efforts to curb climate change. But the proposals he made yesterday, which in 2001 could have been a starting point for negotiations with advocates of stronger action in Congress, are now too belated and too weak to be more than a historical footnote. All three remaining presidential candidates are committed to much more stringent, mandatory reductions in carbon dioxide.