Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My reply to a common last retort of the very few labour supporters left....

"Can the Tories do any better? I think not."

Well, Did the Tories:

Lie repeatedly to invade a sovereign nation that was no threat, in clear breach of Geneva conventions?

Spy on and invade everyone's privacy to a degree that has never been seen in this country before, building a police surveillance state?

Lose all the private, personal financial data of all parents in the UK?

Fill our prisons with OAP council tax protesters whilst letting out criminals and convicted terrorists early for lack of space?

Break a central promise of their last manifesto to grant a referendum on the EU treaty? Whilst overseeing the break-up of the UK into powerless regions to be ruled by the unelected EU oligarchy?

Sell our nation's gold at an all time low and squander the proceeds?

Squander the tax revenue from private pension funds?

Or double the income taxes of the poorest workers in the land whilst food and fuel inflation sky rockets?

The Tories were NEVER this bad!

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