Saturday, April 19, 2008

Indulgent Nonsense

 Axis of evil
Axis of evil

So that bastion of labour ideals, Ed Balls, the education secretary of the party created out of the sweat and grit of millions of the hard-working poor, has nailed the final nail in the coffin of the labour party's dedication to the poor. When responding to labour MP's alledged concern for the working poor that will be hit hardest by having their income tax doubled at a time of run-away inflation in the fuel and food markets and the fear of labour councillors that are looking at being thrown out of office by the very working poor that they claim to represent, said:

"The efforts of local councillors and shadow leaders should not be undermined by this kind of indulgent nonsense."

INDULGENT NONSENSE? From the minister who brought you "SO WHAT?" in response to the poor being hit hardest by the collapsing mortgage markets and increasing taxes and runaway inflation...

The hard-working poor, the backbone of this nation, are really struggling and are facing massive difficulties. The labour leadership's response? So what? To care for the working poor is "indulgent nonesense"

Remember that when you go and vote.

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