Thursday, April 17, 2008

I am sick of the BBC Harping on about Mugabe!

Why should Mugabe listen to Gordon Brown on democracy?

How many national elections has Brown or HIS labour party actually won? Oh yeah, NONE!

In fact since taking over the office of Prime Minister, Brown has scrapped election manifesto promises without any democratic consultation or electoral mandate. To make his "democratic" credentials even worse, the central election promise that he overturned was to hold a democratic referendum on the future of this country regarding it's electoral accountability in law-making vis-a-vis rule from the unelected EU!

Even Mugabe has more democratic credentials than Brown. And don't forget that Blair's labour party was "elected" by only 22% of the adult population. Even then postal vote fraud on behalf of the labour party was rife and that was in a system in which labour were already gifted a 66 seat majority before any counting of votes started. If labour and tory had received exactly the same number of votes, the constituency boundaries were drawn up in such a way as to gift labour a 66 seat in-built majority.

Given all this built in bias, the vote fraud and the result showing that only 22% of adults that voted for Blair's labour party on the understanding that he would serve a full third term, AND the promise that even if the voters disagreed with labour on the EU, that was not an election matter as they were promised a referendum. Then this hardly represents any kind of democratic mandate for Blair, and no democratic mandate for Brown at all.

Even Mugabe's Presidential result (an alleged and suspected loss) has probably secured a greater level of popular support than labour attained under Blair in 2005. It is only our very biased and undemocratic system that let Labour into power at all. I suspect that although Mugabe would definitely lose, he would still get more than 22% in an honest election.

It is about time that the BBC was a lot more honest about the (current) total and absolute lack of democratic accountability or democratic legitimacy in this country, before they attack another nation which, ironically, is actually MORE democratic than here.

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