Thursday, November 10, 2005

How delusional can they be?

So now the UK Labour party cabinet believe that Blair's authority has been enhanced by losing the terrorism vote and being kicked in the balls by his own back-benchers!

If anyone can explain to me how this can be, email me, because according to John Reid, Bliar's reputation and authority is enhanced when he loses votes. Sorry, I just don't get it!!!

Interestingly, John Major survived 5 years with a much smaller majority, and even a minority government for a while and only lost 4 votes in all that time, That was after an economic recession, and a 4th election victory.

By contrast, Blair with a majority of 66 has been defeated after a few months.

He is a weaker and poorer leader than John Major. Any one can seem like a strong leader with a Government majority of 160+ as were Blairs first two terms.

Of course the Labour party barely won the election anyway with 35% of the voting electorate and only 22% of the adult population supporting Blair, a massive majority went against Blair at the election. He only got 66 seat majority due to the skewed seating boundries that gave labour 60+ seats based on what could have been equal vote numbers against the tories. had the boundries been accurate, labour should have a minority Government.

Blair is now a wounded lame duck with no real power, his political future is in the hands of his back-benchers and he has ZERO authority. The Blatant lies and arrogance of the Labour cabinet will turn even more people off labour.

It was breath-taking arrogance and sleaze that finished the tories. Labour are already much worse than the tories at their worst.

How can the cabinet ministers who trotted out onto the media's screens today say what they do with a straight face? How stupid do they think we are?

I am just glad that I am now, finally, witnessing the end of the delusional, discredited, disrespectful, venal, dishonest, corrupt, obnoxious, catastrophic, quasi-fascist murdering criminals, hell bent on invading a country that was according to their own internal, draft dossiers, NO THREAT TO US OR IT'S OWN NEIGHBOURS!

Now they are sliding slowly into their own pit of paranoid delusional incomprehensible lies and ultimately their own destruction, I am satisfied and enjoying watching their slow demise. When they hit the bottom and are thrown from power under a wave of public revulsion, we should charge them with their crimes and bring them to justice.

I urge all people who have agreed with my writing in the past, to manifest this reality for themselves too. Believe in it. It IS happening.


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