Thursday, November 24, 2005

More proof of delusions? Are they mad?

In a follow up to my last post, I have linked to an article from the mainstream media, USA Today. This article is a must read. It shows clearly that the US Administration did NOT lie about Iraq's WMD. Much worse, they genuinely believed their own paranoid delusional fantasies and were determined and succeeded in launching a terrible war of conquest and then destruction upon a sovereign nation that was no threat.

*NOTE The mainstream media SHOULD have been reporting this information all along, as I and hundreds of other bloggers WERE telling these truths as they came to light. During these last 2-3 years the mainstream media have been slagging off and ridiculing the blogs when we were doing THEIR JOB!!! Now they come clean(ish) and propose to tell us what we already knew all along. The mainstream media were still complicit in passing the government propaganda, without qualification, to the people as truth. They were NOT duped by the administration, or the intelligence services, they complied with them. Further, they would often not report the doubts that the intelligence community were raising prior to the invasion! I welcome the very late conversion of the mainstream media to reporting what really happened, ( have already been doing this for some years as have,, amongst many others ) But now they need to look at the genuine, unanswered questions relating to 911 too, especially the controlled, pre-planned demolition of WTC7 and the prior arranged, multiple 'miitary exercises' taking place that day under the direct control of VP Dick Cheney. We are often told 'the world changed on 911, and 911 is constantly used to validate the on-going destruction of civil liberties at home, and creation of terrorist threat abroad. When the truth of 911 is generally acknowledged as an 'at least' assisted inside job engineered, or allowed, to succeed by the Neo-con cabal. Then, prehaps, the whole phoney war-on-terror house of cards may come crashing down and end this nightmare of delusion, destruction and death.*

I used to believed that Bush and Cheney lied us to war, and I argued that they were warned of the lack of evidence to support their arguments about Iraq's WMD and yet they continued to push those discredited and debunked claims. Thus supporting my argument that they deliberately lied.

I was wrong.

For them to lie, they would have to know that what they were saying was not true. They were told on many occasions by the UN, foreign intelligence and their own CIA, NSA and others that what they were claiming was not supported by evidence on the ground. That the intelligence could not be corroborated. However, they refused to even acknowledge for a nanosecond, that anything other than their fantasies could ever be real. They genuinely could not accept and therefore did not hear anything that contradicted their pre-created fantasy.

Worse, they created offices within the administration, The Office of Special Plans (under Rumsfeld), The Whitehouse Iraq Group (Under Cheney) that cherry picked and molded intelligence around their own delusional plans. How far did they go to create the reality they believed had to be real? The aluminum Tubes story was total nonsense and the Yellowcake Uranium from Africa was based on a known forgery, but still they believed this self-generated hallucination. The Mobile labs, were in fact Hydrogen balloon inflators, this was easily discoverable, they only had to look at the British receipts! Every single claim made by the administration in public in support of their fantasy world was very quickly proven wrong. How far did the administration go to create their reality? Was Valerie Plame outed as a CIA agent because her team uncovered and prevented the neo-cons from illegally smuggling WMD into Iraq to frame Saddam?

Like a teenager on LSD believing he could fly, they threw themselves off the roof of reality.

They did not therefore lie, but what they did do was far worse, they created policy that ultimately took us to a continuing quagmire of death and destruction based on their paranoid delusion. The Bush/Cheney administration in Washington and the Blair Government in London are not mentally fit to hold office. They are mentally unstable. In earlier, pre-politically correct days, they would be called lunatics. They are psychotic megalomaniacs with paranoid delusions and persecution complexes, add this to the Resident in thief's messianic delusion, linked to an over-compensation to his inferiority complex, and drug/alcohol brain damage and you get an administration that should not have control of a TV remote, let alone the worlds Weapons of Total Destruction.

They should be locked up in secure padded cells for their own, and for the rest of the planet's, safety.

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Apologies to Iron Maiden , Eddie and especially Derek Riggs!

Why is this worse than them lying? Well, with a liar, they still have a reference of reality. Something that they can be confronted with and deal with as subjective and collective reality. A paranoid delusional, has no such reference and therefore can keep slipping ever further from that point of collective reality. Eventually the paranoid delusional will create their own reality based on the fantasies needed to supply their addiction to the emotions that keep feeding the fantasy reality. This sounds gibberish, but basically it means that the the brain chemical that are released into the body by the subjects emotions which have been triggered by their delusional fantasies become an addiction. In other words, They are addicted to the brain chemicals which are only released when they replay their fantasies and cause a specific emotion during that time. The paranoid delusional becomes less and less affected by the chemicals secreted by the brain when feeling the emotions that the subject is addicted to. In response to this hardening to the chemicals, they need stronger emotions of that type to produce the levels of chemical required to satiate the addiction. This means that the subjective reality that the subject needs to experience to satisfy their emotional addiction need to become stronger and more extreme. That leads to their own subjective reality and collective reality becoming two different things. The paranoid delusional needs ever more unrealistic and extreme fantasies in order to keep satisfying their chemical/emotional addiction.

The danger here is that if the level of delusional fantasy needed, (by the collective lunacy of the UK/US administrations), is one that has already created the disastrous Iraq war, then what's next?

These guys NEED to be locked up and QUICK!

Give me a liar over a lunatic everytime.


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