Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Rejoice, yet beware

Rejoice that the House of Commons has finally found the will to be democratic. Blair defeated, now let's impeach him and try him for war crimes.

However, let's not loose sight of the fact that the extent of the detainment without charge within our quazi-police state has just been doubled.

If this law passes, Innocent people can be removed from society, without being charged of any crime, for 28 days.

Blair has tried to drag the UK further into a totalitarian police state. He has used the problem reaction solution tactic, and terrorism (sponsored by elements within our own security services) to try to justify it. It is a tactic dictators have used for centuries. Our Historic Parliament has given a small way in to this, but stopped at full complience. Let's hope they can do even better with ID cards and other draconian and un-necessary legislation and reject that outright.

I am very happy tonight, but, We are actually closer to the total police state, but the commons has, at least, slowed the charge.

./ later

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