Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The UK committed war crimes in Iraq too

This is more evidence of the mandacity, the lies and the evil depths to which our leaders have sunk.

We have liberated Iraq from an evil dictator to let them live under an avalanche of Crime, rapes, murders, kidnappings, terrorism and with a worse supply of power, food, water and medicines than under Saddam Hussien, We have used, or supported the use of, internationally banned chemical weapons against civillians.

Don't give me shit about white phosferous NOT being a chemical weapon! it's a chemical and it's a weapon! It's a fucking chemical weapon. PERIOD!!!

We are told by the Pentagon and the UK MOD and the UK Defense Secretary that these were not used against civilians, well that is PURELY a matter of cowardly and sickening semantics.

The defence secretary said he could not answer for the US use of the substance.

But he said: "We do not use white phosphorus, or indeed any other form of munition or weaponry, against civilians...

"We do not use it for anything other than a smokescreen to protect our troops when in action."

A smokescreen to defend the political crimes against humanity commited in Fallujah more like. Fallujah was a civilian center that was also home to Iraqis who believed they were fighting for their homeland against foreign invaders, much as I would similarly fight against anyone who invaded the UK. This is not praise or glorification of the resistance fighters, as many of their acts of violence and depravity can never be condoned or supported in any way, the City was a den of thieves and criminals and violent evil people. However it was also home to thousands and thousands of innocent civilians too, many of whom fled before the attacks, but many of whom also never managed to escape and were killed when they attempted to do so.

The US Military, supported by the UK military, cut off the water, sanitation, power and medication to an entire city. They then attacked the hospital, killing patients and doctors and nurses, this in itself was a warcrime. They then prevented women, children, elderly and disabled people from leaving the city. They shot and killed almost everything that moved, destroying Mosques, Clinics, museums and cultural and humanitarian facilities on their way to the total destruction of 75% of the city.

The US and UK uses weasel words to defend it's indefensible actions, words like enemy combatants, and free-fire zone. do you want to see an enemy combatant?

Here's one after the US finished with it:

Dead enemy combatant

After all those infants are a fearful enemy. A 300lb Marine with automatic weapons, air support, armoured vehicles and white phosferous needs to be very carefull with such a poweful enemy!

The whole city was turned into a free-fire zone, meaning that everything within the city and out including the Euphrates river, was thought of as having NO CIVILIANS in it. Women, children, babies, the elderly, the disabled, cats, dogs and any other living entity within Fallujah, whether a fighter or not, was DESIGNATED BY THE US AS AN ENEMY COMBATANT AND THEREFORE AS A LEGITIMATE TARGET!

the rules of engagement for a free-fire zone are "KILL EVERYTHING!!!"

Undoubtedly, there were civilians in Fallujah and they were targeted and killed with a weapon (that uses the effect of it's chemical interaction with the air to burn anything it meets so long as there is air present) that has also been banned by laws signed by many countries throughout the world.

Cowardly, deliberately misleading weasel words notwithstanding, civilians were targeted and killed with an internationally banned chemical weapon in Iraq by US troops supported by the US and UK Governments!

What happened in fallujah was as serious a war-crime as it gets (short of using nukes), and we are trying Saddam Hussien for lesser things right now.

ANYBODY that even attempts to describe what happened there as legal, necessary or right is a supporter of war crimes and is an enemy of humanity. Pure and Simple!


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Anonymous said...

The world is falling apart.....the innocent and peaceful people of this world are being murdered while the rich and powerful become richer and mord powerful.....It will lead to our distruction...