Friday, November 18, 2005

I wanted to write this:

In this article, Justin Raimondo, again, succintly and with a deft attention to detail, manages to put into one column, what I would take 10 to cover in equal depth. Kudos to Justin.

I would simply take minor exception to one point. As I have come to realise over the recent past, reading as I have on the 'non-reality based' philosophy of the neo-cons, that the neo-cons did not actually lie us to war at all.

No, it is worse than that. For the situation to become as it is now, the neo-cons would either have had to not realise and be genuinely in error about the WMD and reception of the iraqis to the western invaders and so prove themselves to be too stupid to hold office, or they lied or worse, they knew they were wrong, but genuinely convinced themselves that they were right and so are dangerously delusional.

They claim that they are so big and powerful that they create the reality on the ground, international law and foriegn and domestic observers be damned! But when their delusional reality is tested by ACTUAL reality, there fake, wishfull thinking version becomes a disaster. Their delusions account for, 'no civilians targetted with white phosphorus', as there were no civilians in Fallujah. They were all enemy combatants in a free-fire zone. Unfortunately for the women, children, babies, elderly and infirm, the white phosphorus was only too real.

What we have in America and the UK at this time is not lying neo-cons, or sadly, even stupid neocons, but dangerously powerful, paranoid delusional neocons with nukes. These people are psychologically unfit to hold any position of power or influence anywhere in the world. I wouldn't even give them the remote control to the TV.

Shame the 25th ammendment only applies to the president and not the whole lunatic bunch of the neocon nutjobs. That include the neo-cons in the Senate, Congress, Parliament and the media too.

They have all rushed this world closer to the brink of a nuclear WW3 based on their paranoid delusions, creating fake terrorism, 911, 7/7, Afghanistan, Iraq, a global backlash against imperialist USA/UK et al in their wake.

Thankfully, we are just starting to see the beginning of the end for these psychopaths.

As the Plamegate controversy starts to eat away at their base and support like a cancer, I agree with Justin, Fetch the popcorn!

./ later.

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