Wednesday, November 09, 2005

We surrender our freedoms at great peril.

Re the have your say debate linked above:

I greatly respect democracy, freedom of speech and having differing opinions from others, and those differing from mine. In light of this I add the following: After Reading comments like, "90 days is worth it for our security", I now fully understand how Hitler came to power. Induhviduals, too cowardly to demand freedom, crawl to their political masters and beg for protection, reducing all our freedoms and destroying our way of life in a way that terrorists could only dream of. Where Hitler and the IRA failed, the British Public succeeds. Surrendering before fake threats, we spit in the face of the sacrifice of our forefathers in 2 world wars.

These heroes fought and died to protect our freedoms and our system of polititians remaining public SERVANTS. We, the public, pay for them to serve us; not for them to be our masters dictating to us when we can be free or not on a whim.

The neocon class of polititian in the US and the UK will not use these laws to protect us, but to protect themselves. They plan to subjugate us and control us through these laws. To prevent dissent to their appocolyptic visions of the future according to the PNAC principles being played out in the theatre of the governing western elite.

Thousands of people have been stopped, intimately searched, detained without charge and questioned under the terrorism act already and the vast majority of these actions have had nothing at-all whatsoever to do with terrorism. The terrorism act is a tool for the police to do what they like under the veneer of legal officialdom. The 90-day detention, unlimited house arrest, and ID Cards will be more tools in the totalitarian toolkit that they must be be allowed to use.

Demand your Freedom now and refuse to have any part of the neocon agenda.

See whare we are heading:
Fallujah nightmares: download the video and spread the link everywhere.

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