Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ben Fulford? Come on!

There has suddenly been a rush of interest in a new character appearing on the alternative, (or accurate/true/hidden/secret/repressed) news scene.

Ben Fulford has come forward on and is offering a ray of hope for the global inhabitants of this human plantation.

Is he for real? Well, I think that the Jury is out, and the worrying thing for me is that what he is offering us good and decent folks in the truth movement is a huge portion of the kind of news that we would LOVE to believe. How many false dawns have we seen before? how many so-called saviors have we put our faith in, only to be sorely disappointed?

If (and that is a HUGE IF) what he is saying is indeed true, (and a lot of it is, but the central message? Hmmmmm?) then we wish that they got on with it and save humanity from the impending nuclear Armageddon that Tim Rifat has been long predicting.

The plan is a simple enough one and to be fair, is the only obvious one to save humanity from global debt slavery.

The "illuminati" (for want of a less conspiratorially tin hat silly name) have been moving steadily in the direction of having the whole world trade using bits of data created out of thin air, but the value of these bits of data is wholly controlled by this global banking elite.

Think about it, if you had the power to legally create electronic money which amounts to nothing more than a decimal numerical figure entry entry in a database table, and then lend those bits at an actual intrinsic value to your debtors, and charge interest upon those credits, and then get the whole world to use your credits for their trade and for taxes and call it money? It would cost you nothing to be the actual owner of all the money in the world. You control its value and you own and run the computer servers that run the databases that store all the bank accounts of all the people in the world. You would control how much money can be created, circulated and spent. You would control the global economy.

Well this power is real and these banking families that make up what is called "the Illuminati" do currently control most of the money in circulation in the west. With this control comes massive power and they are abusing this power by creating wars and funding both sides. They are playing a game of monopoly with a global sized board and money that they themselves created. They use this power to own think tanks and selection boards and buy and promote politicians and media outlets. They use this power to control the bureaucratic arms of the state, to control the laws and the judicial apparatus, to create pockets of secrecy in which they can hide and feed their lustful pursuits. The family courts in the UK are utilised to provide save haven for them to legally snatch children from their loving parents and have them adopted by families that belong to paedophallic and satanic gangs. They use this power to manipulate people's greed and people are indebted into wage slavery in order to still have somewhere to live and call their own.

How can a few families have this much control? By secrecy that's how.

The only way to end this is to take out the ruling Illuminati families. There are very few of them and there are millions of us. The name General Custer springs to mind.

OK so this plan is very very simple.

Is it too good to be true? We have had so many false dawns before, but now we are at a crossroads.

Humanity is evolving, the earths frequency is rising and people's spirits are becoming ever higher. Information is filtering into the common and universal consciousness. The Illuminati's days are numbered.

Fulford writes about the new Cambrian explosion. Who knows? He could be right and I, for one, certainly hope that he is.

Here's to a new and powerful evolution of mind and spirit.

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