Monday, July 02, 2007

This was no Government Conspiracy.

Before the tin foil hat wearing conspiracy nuts start claiming that the Government were behind these (so called) "attacks" lets look at the facts. We know that the Government was not behind these because:

a) These attacks were very small and amounted to one car fire and minor damage to the front facia of an airport and some damaged dustbins.

b) The "terrorists" were caught.

c) the CCTV cameras were actually working and other "terrorists" were recorded succesfully by CCTV.

d) Israelis where not warned of the attacks before hand

e) Security firms linked to intelligence services were not running top secret security drills in the same place at the same time.

f) Several identical copies of the "ID's" of the "terrorists" were not discovered intact at numerous locations.

g) There was no military explosive that magically became "home made". In fact there where no explosives used of any kind.

So this is the REAL terrorists (as opposed to the secrurity service enabled elitist neo-con created terrorists) and what can they do to instill such mind numbing, liberty scrapping, freedom destroying fear?

set light to a car!

wooo. I am, like, soooooooo scared!

"but it could have been so much worse" people foolishly cry.

Actually, NO it could not.

a) There was no bomb!

b) A car was never ever going to get inside the airport.

This pathetic car fire was the best that the terrorists could have hoped to achieve with what they had. There was NO bomb. If the media turn round in days to come and say that there was, they are lying, 1984 memory hole style.

And even IF it there had been, so the hell what? IF my aunt had a dick she would be my uncle!

Big fucking deal! IF this and IF that..... what bollocks. How about this one to make you squirt the brown and runny down your trouser legs:

"If they had a nuke in the car and the controls to all the world's military satelites they could have taken over the world and killed literally billions of people!!!"

Get real for fucks sake. It was a car fire. That's all, and that was all it was ever going to be at worst.

The mainstream media is losing what shreds of credibility it once had by the minute and they should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

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