Friday, July 20, 2007

A look in the mirror

The past week has borne witness to that vanishingly rare event: a bout of media self-examination. We’ve seen major news outlets like the BBC and Channel Four step back and reflect on the quality and accuracy of their output, even going so far as to publicly apologise for mistakes that were made. Well, sort of....... more ...
Actually, I don't think that the mainstream media have gone anywhere near far enough. The article above is very very good, However, until the mainstream media admits to being the willing accomplices and accessories to war-crimes, these media platitudes are utterly meaningless.

Any person or group that brings forward information that runs counter to the continuous Rothschild push for a unipolar world order is dismissed as cranky, delusional, conspiracy theorist and ridiculed, or presented as something dangerous. Globalisation = good. Global Warming = man made. Closer political integration = good. Withdrawing from the EU = Bad. Democracy = good. (except in Palestine or the EU or anywhere where national determination is advanced) I invite th reader to watch, Putin has amazing favourability figures at the moment in Russia, but he is a nationalist. He stands in the way of the Rothschild's New World Order. Watch the mainstream media demonise him, for placing his countries interests ahead of the Rothschild's ambition for their new world order.

The media is a paid propaganda mouthpiece, NOT a place of truth.

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