Thursday, July 19, 2007

So voting in a poll is wrong?

I have been reading online that some pollsters are fed up with Ron Paul's supporters and are thinking of removing him from some straw polls because of them. What are these supporters doing that is wrong? Well, I'll tell ya and as an intelligent and thoughtful reader of this blog, you will never fucking believe this, but here goes:

Apparently they are skewing the natural and correct results in polls by actually having the cheek to vote for Ron Paul. YEAH I know, Crazy isn't it? How dare the supporters of a candidate support him by voting for him in polls! Dammit, all the supporters of the other media picked candidates will be pissed to learn that they lost only because of the supporters of another candidate voted for the candidate THEY support. How dare they?

Can you imagine these pollsters saying that about any other candidate? "
We are sorry, but we had to exclude Hillary Clinton from the Straw poll because the results are being skewed because of her supporters. You see that 'targeted' voting by Clinton supporters on this and other open polls may even be hurting their candidate because the public is turned off by her supporter's behavior."

This is blatant, in-your-face Bullshit. How obvious does it have to be that the media are paid shills for the corporate elite's pre-selected candidates.

People, you are going to have to do more, work harder, be even more unreasonable in your assertions and get even more creative. This is going to be like being a Brit in a boxing match in Mexico, You'll need more than a knock-out to draw. Ron Paul supporters are going to have to make sure that at LEAST 65% of ALL Americans support Ron Paul for him to have any chance of victory in this massively biased process.

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