Monday, July 09, 2007

The time is ripe.

I find myself wondering what the global elite are thinking just now. They have been planning a unipolar world order, with a single global government, single global cashless currency and a micro chipped population. All these things still seem galling and most people (I would hope) would reject this idea as simply preposterous.

However, go back 7 years. The summer of the year 2000. In this more innocent time, before 911, before the War on Terror, When Bush was still considered a compassionate conservative by all but the 31 people executed in the Texas legal system under his watch. In those 'heady*' days when Americans believed themselves to be free, it would have been unthinkable to present the Average American with what we see today.

If you had told the average American that their republican party would be appointed to power by the supreme court, they would have laughed.

If you had told the average American that they would be attacked by airliners that would evade the NORAD and Air force defences of the United States for over 80 minutes to crash (apparently) into the Pentagon. They would deride you as insane. NORAD and the whole of the USA Air defence system defeated by people who could not even fly a Cessna? They would have doubts.

If you had told the average American that on the back if this that the fiscally conservative republicans would create the Department of Homeland Security, a department so huge and vast that the taxpayer will be burdened as never before. They might wonder what had happened to conservatism.

If you had told the average American that the USA would invade Afghanistan to take out Osama Bin Laden, and that this would fail miserably, they would scoff.

If you had told the average American that the Congress would pass the USA PATRIOT Act and that this act would remove their constitutional rights, they they could be detained without trial, that they could have their homes invaded by federal agents, their belongings ransacked and taken and all this could happen without them having to get a court order. Then they would not believe you. Not in the land of the free.

If you had told the average American that their court appointed leader would lie to the American people to succour them into invading a country that had never ever attacked them, to lie about WMD's and to tear up that country leaving it a ruinous wrecked failed nation, more corrupt and dangerous than Saddam's Iraq, a real breeding ground for international terrorism. That their government would have the CIA fly around the world kidnapping people flying them to detention facilities in other countries and torturing them, They would stick their fingers in their ears and shout la la la la la I CAN'T HEAR YOU!

If you had told the average American that their leadership would deliberately and with malice aforethought blow the cover of a covert CIA agent Valerie Plame, an agent who was protecting the world from the proliferation of WMD, in order to deflect criticism of their own deliberate lies. They would be walking away quickly from the strange delusional idiot who claims to be able to see into the future.

If you had told the average American that in the investigation that followed the leaking of Plame's identity, that a member of the Bush administration would deliberately obstruct that investigation and commit perjury to protect the administration, they might not be entirely surprised. But

If you had told the average American that the President would step in and commute the sentence of that criminal who was covering up and obstructing the prosecution in attempting to discover who risked the national security of the United States, during war time? A high crime and misdemeanor and that the opposing party would actively rule out impeachment? They would not believe you.

If you had told the average American that they would no longer be living in the land of the free, that they would be in a country universally detested and reviled in the world, that they would have lost their freedom and that the people of the USA would have rolled over and allowed this to happen with barely a squeak of protest? They would be sure that you are a crazy lunatic.

The global elite must be rubbing their hands with glee. Their selected leaders can do whatever they please and the people will meekly comply. They have the leaders in their pockets, the media in their pockets and now the people so utterly dumbed down and compliant that they may as well go for broke and imprison us all whilst enough of us are still far too deeply asleep to do anything about it.

*I could not resist the cliche, sorry.

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