Thursday, July 26, 2007

Go for it Cheney!

According to an editorial in the New York Sun, VP Dick Cheney is considering a run for President. Many in the blogosphere on the old right and on the left are horrified at the prospect. Whilst I can understand the horror that a Cheney Presidency would produce, I am positive that Cheney could never ever win a Presidential election.

This is why I urge Cheney to stand for the Presidency. A Cheney Presidential election bid would show clearly how all the other candidates (less Ron Paul) are really evil neocon clones, even Hillary and Obama. The candidate's views on the prospect of an attack on Iran will show this. An election season with all the canidates trying desparately to out-Cheney; Cheney? Bring it on!

The best possible outcome from this would be victory for the Ron Paul camp.

Go for it Cheney.

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