Sunday, July 01, 2007

Who is the real terrorist?

After the "terrorist attack" at Glasgow airport and the subsequent media orgasm of propaganda, I have to ask, Who are the real terrorists?

If we are to judge on the ACTUAL AND REAL IMPACT of what happened, then let's consider how much fear has been spread by what happened.

So, what happened?

In Glasgow, a car was burned, the culprits found and aprehended immediately. Nobody else was even injured.

In London 2 cars were so baldy set up as car fires, (NOT BOMBS) that they did not even ignite. Slight damage was caused to dustbins. That's it!

Let's compare this to what happens nationally every year. From a minor local report in South Wales, UK, a computer system has been installed to reduce the amount of dumped cars.

"But despite this, hundreds are still dumped every year with up to 460 of them set on fire in arson attacks in 2005."

Sorry, let's look at that again? 460???? and this is only mentioned as a side issue in the local news?

Why should I be scared of those clowns in Glasgow? people who have attributed 1/460th to the abandoned and burned out cars statistics.

Well, Who has actually been spreading fear? Worse still, utterly groundless, baseless fear? Encouraging the nation to be afraid, be very afraid.


Look at the evidence. We have 1 car fire, something that happens about 460 times every year in council estates up and down the country, often without any media coverage whatsoever. Occasionally warranting a side issue in another report in local news. How does the media respond to this actual event?

Forget what REALLY happened and go to 24 hour coverage of, IT WAS A Car BOMB! it could be Al Queda! remember 911! Terrorists! trying to kill vast numbers! evil maniacs! just like 911 this was low tech terrorism that could cause mass murder on a large scale. We are under enormous risk from global terrorism. Highest level of alert, etc etc etc.

All genuine quotes from the mainstream media and all fearmongering BOLLOCKS!

So, Who is terrorising the country?

It's not Al queda. Perhaps we should lock up the media and the Government.

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